您必須閱讀以下內容才能購買NYE COUNTDOWN產品。

THIS “KILLERSPOTS® Inc. | NYE COUNTDOWN.com, llc” TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) IS A LEGAL AND BINDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU (“YOU,” “YOUR,” OR “YOURSELF”), AS THE END USER, AND “KILLERSPOTS® Inc. | NYE COUNTDOWN.com, llc” (“OUR,” “US,” “WE,” “KILLERSPOTS® Inc. | NYE COUNTDOWN.com, llc” OR “COMPANY”), WHICH GOVERNS YOUR USE OF OUR INTERNET-BASED MEDIA DISTRIBUTION AND DATA COLLECTION SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE (the “Service”) TOGETHER WITH ALL INFORMATION, CONTENT, PRODUCTS, MATERIALS AND SERVICES MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU BY US AND/OR THIRD PARTIES THROUGH THIS CREATIVE AUDIO/ VIDEO PRODUCTION (Collectively, the “Creative Audio/ Video Production” IE瀏覽器NYE定制音頻和視頻倒計時). You acknowledge that by ordering any of the NYE Countdown products before December 10, 2018, that delivery of your order / the customized product(s); will not be delivered until after December 10, 2018. All orders placed after December 10, 2018 should be delivered within 72 hours of ordering via an emailed link to the email supplied to NYECountdown.com, llc. order, unless otherwise updated. You can update your email and profile on NYECountdown.com under the “MY ACCOUNT”. Questions? Email support at SUPPORT@NYECountdown.com 每月24小時至2,2019。

請在使用創新的音頻/視頻製作前仔細閱讀本協議。 通過以任何方式註冊,在線或通過電話訂購,使用或以其他方式訪問創意音頻/視頻製作或其任何組件,您都承認您已經閱讀並理解本協議,同意成為本協議並同意遵守這裡的條款和條件。 本創意音頻/視頻製作僅提供給專業廣播廣播公司,碟片公司,顧問,標籤,酒店,夜總會,酒吧,餐廳,促銷員和其他專業人員和/或實體。 如果因任何原因,您不接受並同意本協議的所有條款和條件,請停止註冊/訂購流程,不要訪問或使用本產品,創意音頻/視頻製作或任何音樂,文本或通過任何方式創作的音頻/視頻製作中提供的其他材料。

The product(s) being registered and sold are the audio timed voice parts, the custom audio voiced parts and the video effects of the NYE Countdown Shell WITHOUT the copy written music. NYECountdown.com, llc. uses the music on the countdowns for demonstration purposes only. All custom orders will receive their voiced customized insert and a “New Year’s Eve Custom Countdown DEMO TRACK” with music at no charge. (the additional “nye demo” download is for a sample | promotional use and instructional purposes only) You must be a working professional disc jockey or nightclub to purchase the NYE Countdown. By purchasing the “NYE Shell” and customized vocal dj drop from NYECountdown.com, llc. you are agreeing to abide by all music licensing copyrights and domestic | international copyright laws and indemnify and hold harmless Killerspots.com, Inc., NYECountdown.com, llc., its affiliates, agents and producers.

All orders are ONE LICENSE – ONE DOWNLOAD that is receipt trackable and traceable by our NYECountdown.com, llc. licensing software.

嚴格禁止您分享或上傳由KILLERSPOTS.COM,Inc.和NYECOUNTDOWN.COM,llc生產的任何和所有的國家。 ONTO YOUTUBE,VIMEO,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,INSTAGRAM或任何其他共享網站和FTP站點,除非您從本許可證部門獲得了明確的書面文檔。

所有視頻都已經嵌入水印,以識別任何侵權行為。 所有違規行為將被追究,並將成為黑名單,並禁止未來購買。


  • 本創意音頻/視頻製作是作為最終用戶提供給您的,因此絕不應將其複制,修改,改編,傳輸,出售,出租,出租,許可,轉讓,分發或以其他方式分發給任何第三方或以任何方式改變。
  • Company grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, revocable license to use the object code copy of the Creative Audio/ Video Production distributed with this Agreement (the “Copy”) along with related documentation during the term of this Agreement on a single CPU, which CPU you may change from time to time. Such license shall be terminable as provided herein.
  • 這種創意性音頻/視頻製作是接收公司交付的內容的一種手段,並且要求公司創建和批准個人帳戶以訂閱服務。 每個帳戶都被授權僅由創建該帳戶的個人使用。 在任何情況下,帳戶都不能由一個以上的用戶共享或使用,這種行為應被視為破壞賬戶,終止賬戶或其他懲罰性行為的理由。 這包括使您的個人帳戶ID可供任何其他人員/實體使用。
  • 您承認公司保留對創意音頻/視頻製作和與之相關的所有知識產權的獨家控制權。 通過訂閱通過Creative Audio / Video Production提供的內容傳送服務,您不會成為它的所有者。 除本協議明確規定外,您不被授予任何有關創意音像製作或其內容的專利權,版權,商業秘密或商標的任何權利或許可,本公司保留所有未在此明確授予的權利。 Creative Audio / Video Production包含受版權法和國際條約規定保護的專有和機密信息。
  • 您同意不從創意音頻/視頻製作的任何副本中刪除原創公司提供的創意音頻/視頻製作中出現的任何版權和/或其他專有權利聲明。
  • 您同意不進行反編譯,反彙編,解密,翻譯,編輯,創作衍生作品,提取或逆向工程或轉售Creative音頻/視頻製作,或試圖或協助他人執行上述任何操作。
  • 未經事先明確書面同意,您同意不向任何人復制,分發,傳播,出售,提供給第三方,或將此創意音頻/視頻製作傳播給任何人或將其用於商業或非商業目的的創作性音頻/視頻製作的公司。 任何此類未經授權的分發行為均構成17 USC第106條款下的聯邦版權法侵權行為,您可能會被視為對故意的非法行為負責,每個侵權行為可處以高達一百五十萬美元($ 150,000)的罰款。
  • 通過創意音頻/視頻製作交付的內容是保留其所有權並已授權給公司的第三方的財產。 內容受版權和其他知識產權法律保護。 從本公司收到的內容只能由提供內容的訂戶顯示,使用和播放,僅用於本協議範圍內的目的。
  • 您同意不以侵犯作品的版權或其他排他性保護的方式使用這些內容,並確認任何侵權使用將終止您在本協議項下的隱私權,並且還可能導致在國家下的個人法律責任或聯邦法律。 根據17 USC第501,506條款,聯邦法律對未經授權的複制,分發,出租或數字傳輸受版權保護的錄音文件和/或其他受保護作品進行嚴厲的民事和刑事處罰。 製作版權作品的未經授權的複製品構成盜竊行為,您可能需要承擔數千美元的損失賠償責任。 任何對等(P2P)網絡上的任何內容可用或任何其他方式未經授權上傳受保護或可保護的作品也構成版權侵權。 本協議構成通過Creative Audio / Video Production提供的內容的版權保護通知,任何非法使用都可能導致在聯邦法院發現有意侵犯版權的行為,可處罰金高達一萬五萬美元150,000)美元每個侵權行為或其他嚴重的民事或刑事責任。
  • 您了解所有內容均帶有可追溯至您的個人身份證的水印,您將負責根據上述內容全部或部分複製或非法重新分配Creative音頻/視頻製作或內容。

術語。 This Agreement commences upon your acceptance (as described above) and will end when terminated. This Agreement will be deemed to terminate immediately if you fail to comply with any material term or condition contained herein. Upon termination, your license rights end and you will no longer have access to or be able to receive the subscription content. Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and disable the Creative Audio/ Video Production at Company’s discretion at any time. The restrictions set out in this Agreement shall remain in force even after termination or expiration.

免責聲明。 You expressly agree that use of and access to the Creative Audio/ Video Production application is at your sole risk. The content is provided on an “as is” and an “as available” basis. We do not make, and hereby disclaim, any representations or warranties regarding the Creative Audio/ Video Production, content, Company website, and/or other products and services offered through the Company or any portion thereof, express, implied or statutory, including (without limitation) implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement of third party rights, or any warranties arising by course of dealing or custom of trade. We make no representation or warranty that any material, content, products or services displayed on or offered through the Creative Audio/ Video Production are accurate, complete, appropriate, reliable, or timely. We also make no representations or warranties that the Creative Audio/ Video Production will meet your requirements and/or your access to and use of the service will be uninterrupted or error-free, free of viruses, malicious code, or other harmful components, or otherwise secure. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties. Accordingly, some of the above exclusions may not apply to you.

責任限制。 在適用法律允許的最大範圍內,公司,其許可方,供應商,合作夥伴,關聯公司或第三方服務提供商均不會對您或任何第三方承擔任何直接,間接,附帶,特殊,懲戒性或懲罰性的責任損害賠償或任何其他形式的損害,不論是以何種形式的行為或索賠的基礎,還是由公司是否已經被本協議或您使用Creative Audio / Video Production告知這種損害的可能性。 有些司法管轄區不允許對意外或間接損失進行限製或排除責任。 因此,上述的一些限制和排除可能不適用於您。

Use of Information. 您特此授權公司允許使用公司為了商業或非商業目的以任何方式使用創作性音頻/視頻製作或以其他方式報告給公司的信息。

變化。 公司保留隨時修改本協議並對您使用Creative音頻/視頻製作施加新的或附加的條款或條件的權利。 此類修改和附加條款和條件將立即生效並納入本協議。 您繼續使用Creative Audio / Video Production將被視為對其接受。

賠款。 You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless against any losses, expenses, costs or damages (including our reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert fees’ and other reasonable costs of litigation or proceedings) arising from, incurred as a result of, or in any manner related to any claim or action based upon (a) your breach of, or failure to comply with, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, (b) your use of the Creative Audio/ Video Production , and/or (c) the use of the Creative Audio/ Video Production by any other person using your IDs. We may, in our discretion, participate in the defense of any such claim or action and any negotiations for its settlement or compromise. No settlement which may adversely affect our rights or obligations shall be made without our prior written approval. We reserve the right, at our own expense and on notice to you, to assume exclusive defense and control of any such claim or action and then your corresponding indemnification obligation will end.

法律的選擇和管轄權的同意。 本協議受美國俄亥俄州法律的管轄,不考慮其法律條款的衝突; 並且您在此同意位於美國俄亥俄州克萊蒙縣的聯邦和州法院對於因創意性音頻/視頻製作而產生或與之有關的所有爭議的專屬管轄權和地點。 此外,您特此同意您對本公司(或我們的關聯機構)開始的任何行動擁有專屬管轄權並且在這些法院的地點。

整個協議。 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Company and governs your use of the Creative Audio/ Video Production, superseding any prior agreements between you and Company. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use affiliate services, third-party content, or third-party Creative Audio/ Video Production. If any part of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. Company’s failure to enforce any right or provisions in this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of such or any other provision. Company will not be responsible for failures to fulfill any obligations due to causes beyond its control.


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